New Single out soon

8 years after the “world is sick”, Breed of Burden is happy to announce that there is a new album coming soon(July 2020). to give a taste of the upcoming album we are releasing a couple of singles starting with “My Life…My Hell”.

The Song is about depression and the feeling of being worthless. In fact, Mental Health should be taken seriously and people with depression issues must have the full support of their close friends and family. We do misjudge depression and especially its symptoms as people with depression tend to be less reliable, lose confidence and become isolated inside their mind and therefore disconnect with the rest of the world and have a sentiment that everything is against them.

Music is a form of a relief and we believe that presenting depression in an upbeat, angry song can help create a spark, a feeling that you are not alone in the world.

Share the love and be strong!

the song is coming out on the 15th of May 2020.

Aladdin – Breed of Burden