My Life … My Hell is OUT!!!!

8 Years!!!!

Yes! 8 years It took me to find it deep inside me and come back with new BoB’s material.

It’s been a long journey with highs and lows but Breed of Burden was always there in my mind even though life took over and absorbed me with work, routine, family duties and most importantly my battle against depression and anxiety.

Mental health illness is a reality that we shouldn’t hide from and it doesn’t require us a medical diploma to see close people around us suffering from mental health issues and therefore offering them support, the minimum support being just to understand what they are going through.

By releasing this song, I wish to showcase some elements of depression and what goes into someone’s mind. I also want to send a message out there to everyone who might experienced or is experiencing it that they are not alone and they must stick to anything that has some sort of meaning (music, a passion, a person etc)

Finally, let me admit that I’m not a confirmed blogger or a professional writer, therefore I’ll leave it there and let the music do the talking.

I hope you enjoy it and spread the world.

Aladdin Benmira – Breed of Burden

* May is Mental health awareness month and I take the opportunity to thank all those who have been around me during this time (Family , friends, colleagues and Michele)