Breed of burden started on in 2010 as A solo project of Aladdin who wanted to bring his ideas to life and experiment his own Vision of metal.

“Tantrum” is the first demo realized by Aladdin in 2007, when he was living in France. Back then, his Busy day job forced him to slow down his music ambitions for a while and Tantrum had to wait till 2010 when Aladdin moved to London hoping to start playing again.

Some riffs from the demo were given life again to create Breed of Burden’s first album “The World is Sick”.

The recording session of The world is sick started in November 2011 at Parlour Studios (Kettering, UK) which is well known to famous Metal Bands (Napalm Death,Evile…). All instruments were performed by Aladdin during the recording, which was completed in a week – thanks to loads of “redbull” drinks and the help of producer Neil Haynes.

On December 2011, Aladdin met vocalist Joe Denby in London during a concert of Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden). After listening to the demo tracks, Joe was very enthusiastic about becoming part of the project and contributing with his vocals. He said: “This album covers Most of the metal I grew up with”. Aladdin and Joe recorded the vocal sections at both Parlour and Legacy studios in January 2012.

Mix and mastering were completed at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden on February 2012. Aladdin and producer Neil Haynes flew to Sweden to participate in the mixing/mastering session which was done by Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd.
The choice of the studio was obvious for Aladdin who is a big fan of the masterpieces produced by Fredrik (Dimmu Borgir, At the gates, In flames, Dark tranquillity, Arch enemy, Bring me the Horizon….).

The Swedish experience was fantastic and the album was completed with a great quality.

On March 2012, guitarist Jay Howe and drummer James Benardout who were friends since music college joined Breed of Burden. Aladdin needed to complete the band lineup in order to prepare for potential gigs and also to add more influences to the project.
the decision to choose Jay and James was easy to take as we found out that we are all fans of melodic Metal styles and we also share the same vision of what Breed of Burden should sound.